Transforming Businesses into Socially Sustainable Systems

What Clients Say

Doubled Our Revenues in One Year

“Stamen more than doubled our revenues in the first year we started working with Coop. We worked hard for it, but Coop was crucial to that success. There are a very few people that I trust with important business decisions; Coop is one of them. He’s Stamen’s premier confidant, advisor, and sounding board.”
Eric Rodenbeck
Founder and Creative Director, Stamen Design

Invaluable Resource

“I began working with Coop when I was the CEO of a rapidly growing multi-million dollar company to address interpersonal conflicts on the management team. We were quickly able to identify common psychological factors that helped me better understand the underlying dynamics and address the issues in an effective, positive manner. I have found Coop is also effective as I evaluate the direction I want to steer my career & work/life balance. He challenges my thinking so that I make clear, informed decisions with confidence. He keeps me grounded and helps me focus on important issues that I might overlook, including cultural difference, balance and my family. He’s a trusted confidant, advisor, counselor and coach with an uncanny ability to get below the surface of issues quickly and help me make better decisions. I’m struck by the fact I always come away with at least one insight every time I interact with him. With experience in strategy, operations, psychology, decision-making, and big picture thinking, Coop is an invaluable resource for any executive who wants to push past their personal limitations and make the best decisions for themselves and their businesses.”

Alex Garcia-Tobar
Former CEO, Meta Interfaces


Understands the Qualities of a Good CEO

“Coop has made a strong impact on my career and personal development. He understands the qualities of a good CEO and has given me the tools to transition from being a team leader to running the agency in a very short period of time. Coop teaches executives to leverage their personal qualities to make their businesses more competitive and strategic.”

Jeannette Bitz
CEO and Managing Partner, Engage Public Relations


Real-World Insight

“Coop has long-term vision and real-world insight. He has helped grow Meat Team Internal TV from the glimmer of an idea and continues to help channel my energy to produce measurable results. In today’s new business environment, Coop has been essential in pushing Meat Team to leverage our innovative approach to meet the real business needs of our clients.”

Shamus Halkowich
Founder and Managing Partner, Meat Team Internal TV

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