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Congratulations to my client Fraenkel Gallery for launching their iphone app today

In Executive coaching on January 5, 2010 at 2:46 pm

Serious Photography

Fraenkel Gallery is a fantastic serious photography gallery located in San Francisco. They launched their first iphone app today that allows users to browse photos from brilliant photographers like Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon, Lee Friedlander and Hiroshi Sugimoto.

You can download the app at the itunes store by searching for Fraenkel Gallery or simply clicking here.

I’ve worked with the Fraenkel Gallery as an advisor, coach, trainer and supporter for the past five years.


Constant Transformation Is the New Normal

In Executive coaching on November 5, 2009 at 11:19 am

This article is by Scott Anthony and was originally posted on the Harvard Business blogs. I post it here because transformation is the new normal – it’s what ExecuShift is all about. But the most pithy point of his article is a quote: “Success now requires not just doing it better, but mastering the ability to do it differently.” That’s my focus with executives – how to think differently so that you can act and execute differently.

I picked up an interesting vibe at the Magazine Publishers Association Innovation Conference the other week. For the most part, the industry has had a tough year as it grapples with recession, changing consumer behavior, and a range of disruptive technologies. Yet signs of economic recovery and a sense that the magazine industry could learn from missteps from cousins in the music and newspaper business produced an unexpected sense of optimism.

One point I made in my remarks is that the forces at work in the magazine business — increased competition, rapidly shifting technologies, and emerging disruptive business models — are the forces that are reshaping many parts of the global economy. In other words, the challenges of the magazine industry are the challenges of industry, period.

What does it take to respond to these challenges? I jotted down three thoughts on the train ride back to Boston after the conference.

1. True transformation starts with a deep understanding of the severity of the problem.
There are still some executives who are waiting for things to return to “normal.” It’s not going to happen. Constant change is the new normal. I told the audience my belief is that the era of optimization, the era of disciplined expansion is dead. Success now requires not just doing it better, but mastering the ability to do it differently.

If you don’t recognize the severity of the problem, it’s easy to fool yourself into thinking you are making progress when you really aren’t, or to convince yourself that all you have to do is wait for the economy to bounce back and your company will bounce back as well.
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Seeing the Perfect Storm of Crisis

In 7 Required MindShifts, Executive coaching on November 4, 2009 at 2:07 pm

This post is from Andrew Harvey‘s website about Sacred Activism. I post it here because he speaks to the challenges we have to address within companies – because companies are driving much of the reality we face daily. This is a wake up call to executives for why we must embrace change. Why we must shift now. And why I started ExecuShift to help executives change.

We have an environmental crisis which is totally threatening our lives and the lives of nature that is much worse than people imagine. We have a crisis in all the major religions because they are retreating into fundamentalism at the very time when the world needs unity more than anything. We have a crisis totally dominated by the corporate mindset which is a bottom line mentality gone mad at the very moment when we need enlightened and unselfish ways of being and acting. And that corporate mindset dominates everything and buys governments and dictates how world trade is done and keeps 2 billion people living on less than a dollar a day in horrible poverty while the rest of the world is strip-mined for an increasingly unsustainable way of life. We have an institutionalized media, a media that’s brought up by the corporate mentality that is just pouring trash and violence and reality shows celebrating the very worst in ourselves and endless stupid celebrity trivia at the very moment when we need to be educated about these crises and inspired to become different kinds of beings to deal with them. We have a way of life that has become so multitasking and so distracted by distraction from distraction that it’s very hard for us to get into direct simple communion with our deepest selves through peace and leisure. The combination of all of those things is the perfect storm of crisis that threatens our health, our wealth, our well-being, our very human future on every level and of course threatens not only our well-being but as we can see the well-being of the creation, we are destroying the planet. So we have to go through transformation and the conditions of that transformation are about to appear in the very difficult and ferocious form because we will have to wake up and we will be woken up. So, what’s important is to prepare for this and to prepare for it from the deepest resources within and from the deepest and wisest reaction without.