Transforming Businesses into Socially Sustainable Systems

About ExecuShift

ExecuShift is a full service executive coaching firm based in San Francisco serving global clients. While executive coaching needs vary from person to person, our specialty is pinpointing and shifting the psychological factors behind behaviors and thinking patterns facing executives. We help with cultural shifts, decision-making, critical thinking and behavioral changes required for busy leaders.

Founded by executive coach Michael O. “Coop” Cooper, ExecuShift is known for quick results, deep experience and know-how combined with business strategy, leadership development and behavioral change.

The Great Recession combined with an emerging global shift in consciousness requires executives to address 7 critical mindshifts required to thrive today:

  1. From Legal to Ethical
  2. From Marketing to Conversations
  3. From Competition to Cooperation
  4. From Hierarchy to Collaboration
  5. From Corporation to Community
  6. From Greed to Generosity
  7. From Business to Socially Sustainable Systems

ExecuShift addresses each of these shifts with executives and the business at large. In addition to executive coaching, ExecuShift also provides personalized leadership development on key performance areas:

Making Confident Decisions. As a sounding board, I challenge executives to make decisions that are sustainable, socially responsible and in alignment with personal and business goals. By questioning the strategy behind decisions, developing alternate considerations, evaluating past decisions and their effect on current reality, exploring the interpersonal dynamics that will be affected by decisions and looking at decisions from every angle possible, you will make confident decisions quickly that put your mind at ease. Stop wrestling with tough decisions by yourself or staying up at night agonizing over possible outcomes.

Developing Sound Business Strategy. The pace of change has accelerated. Your market can disappear overnight. Strategy must be evaluated constantly with the market, competitors and current opportunities in mind. I look at strategy across all of my client companies. Because I work with several executives across multiple industries at once, I can advise you on strategic trends that other companies are making (of course, always honoring confidentiality!) and help you understand what other companies are considering now, so you won’t be left to deal with strategy in a vacuum. Of course, I also keep up with the latest economic news, workforce trends and best practices and bring that to our relationship. If I don’t know how to advise you well, I’ll research and reach out to my network of advisors for input.

Navigating Interpersonal Dynamics. People are sometimes the most difficult part of business to understand. I employ science-based psychological profiling to quickly assess motivators, fears, stress responses, information needs, decision-making styles and behavioral tendencies for your direct reports or critical customers. I can personally teach you how to recognize a particular style and adjust communication to get results through others. I also advise executives on how to communicate for impact and handle sticky interpersonal issues with a long-term perspective.

Recognizing Personal Thought and Behavioral Patterns. Executives have to think quickly, act on their feet and rely on their past experiences and intuition, but often, they get stuck repeating patterns of thought or behaviors that once worked, but now create problems – either because your people now expect them, or because you need to grow beyond them given your current stage of business growth. These patterns are often difficult to see by yourself and require a trained, experienced advisor to help you see and change them to more effective responses. I’ve graduated and taught at the best coaching schools in the world, mentored other coaches and have ten years of experience helping executives grow beyond their current capabilities. Behavioral change is my specialty – by aligning how you think, communicate, behave and engage with others, you can grow quickly and confidently, knowing you have a seasoned professional guiding you along the way.

Exploring Subconscious Influences. Our subconscious rules our worlds and very few people know how to access and understand those subconscious influences. I developed a technique called MindMafia ™ to uncover, address and change these subconscious influences that very few people in the world have been trained to use. Consider it your secret weapon to develop self-awarenes, make changes and build capacity quickly.

Continual Growth. Your career and challenges keep me on my toes – your success is my business. I constantly read, learn, grow, challenge myself to anticipate and address your needs. I’m often introduced to new areas by my clients and make it a priority to learn how to address them for each individual and how to teach or inform all of my other clients, where applicable – often before you are aware that you need the information. You are constantly growing and adapting to the challenges of your business, you should have a coach that does the same.

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